Inspection Successes

These are just a few of the thousands of photos we have taken of actual defective components our inspectors identified during routine periodic inspections. 

Wire Rope

Severely damaged wire rope—1/2 of wires broken

Trolley Wheel

Wire Rope

Severe wire rope damage—twisted, exposed core

Trolley Wheel

Significantly worn trolley wheel flange—damaged lower beam flange

Bridge Wheel

Critically worn bridge wheel (compare to new wheel)

Rope Drum

Badly worn wire rope drums—lands were razor sharp!

Rope Sheave

Chipped/ Cracked rope sheave—30 ton crane

Load Block

Drive Gears

Misaligned drive gears—causing trolley to crab/ bind

End Trucks

Badly corroded end truck connection hardware

Load Chain


This is why we do what we do...

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Bent/ deformed load chain link

Badly worn load block sheavew—overloading

Severely damaged lower beam flange—trolley about to fall

Exposed pendant wires—shock hazard

Any defective component on an overhead crane has the potential to cause serious injury and/ or property damage.  Our inspectors realize the critical importance of their job  - we don’t take any inspection lightly.  Hidden dangers can be found on any crane—old or new.


We are very proud of the work we do.  When one of our inspectors finds a serious defect and red tags a dangerous crane, he knows he has possibly saved a life.  What could be more rewarding that that?


Regarding maintenance, everyone knows that it’s far more cost effective to find a small problem and stop it from becoming a big problem. Your cranes are fighting two of the fundamental the forces of nature every day—gravity and inertia. This will take a toll on any piece of machinery. Ignoring crane maintenance WILL cost you—in time, money or perhaps even lives.


Regular crane inspections are absolutely vital—if you don’t have PCI inspect your cranes, then find someone who is qualified and get them inspected. 

We have hundreds of defective demonstration items that we have saved from years of inspection services.


If you would like to rent a box of items to make an impact in your next crane safety meeting, give us a call or e-mail.


Damaged items include:


Wire rope





Brake parts




Load pins