Text Box: PCI Photo Gallery

Here are just a few examples of PCI’s capabilities.

1 Ton Install

Single girder underhung crane

2 Ton Install

18 Ton Install

Top running, dual girder crane

5 Ton Install

Single girder top running crane

5 Ton Removal

Dual girder top running crane

10 Ton Install

Top running single girder crane

2 Ton Install

Single girder underhung crane

5 Ton Install

24 Ton Load Test

High profile load test, paper factory

30 Ton Load Test

Very close quarters test—5” to spare

Spreader Bar Test

36 Ton Test

Recent projects

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57,000 lb certification test

Single girder underhung crane

Single girder underhung crane

Short headroom, tight space test.

Jib Crane


1/2 ton jib install—engineered and fabricated

7.5 Ton runway—engineered and fabricated on site.

Kundel Crane Light Rail System.

Kundel builds truly innovative and sturdy light rail bridge crane systems.  Smooth operation combined with ease of relocation make Kundel the first choice in light rail bridge crane systems.